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Afro American dream


Afro American dream

Hey readers, today I'm going to comment on a ongoing battle that people don't seem to understand. The real emancipation and fair treatment of African Americans.

They say slavery is over! Jim crow times are gone and the current situation is fair for everybody. Really?

The 60s brought the real "on signed protocol", end of slavery.

But how about, a bright scenario after this historical progress? You can't expect people of color to just be integrated on a majorly white world, that stood ruling for centuries. 

I can spot a bigot fast, as he spews the black crime rate, without any type of rational look for answers.

 We can argue that in the 20s black crime was high too, since looking at a white woman or being in the wrong part of town, bar or bathroom was a crime.

I don't need to expand on how, integration, education, work chances and economic well being are the pillars of any society, black or white. This opportunities were not only given, but worsened with racist politics, that got more hard each decade.

Sports and entertainment gives people a wrong view of the disproportionate wealth income and struggle of the average black household.

Europeans conquered Africa, not only with fire power but with the help of various tactics, moves like having tribes going at war with each others, while a small numbers of Africans remained with some benefits, working for them (coons), worked well! Dividing nations, who were unprotected. 

Can we take that dishonesty, cruelty? And translate it to this day in age?


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