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Alt-right (post em inglês)


Alt right is a perfect term, it's really a alternative world. The word conservative has shifted a lot during our times, but lately it has been violated with extremist ideology. While they have been criticizing the "liberal agenda", I only look at the idea of the so called "far left" as an answer to fight radical policies from the right.

With the term neo-con (Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Bush) being linked to atrocious attacks on humanity(Middle East wars). The self proclaimed alt right, fits the attempt to distance from the neo cons. Unfortunately it's done for the worse, but applauded by mostly ignorants, and disguised with dishonest rhetoric, to cater bigots, it forms a solid base, and what did this events brought to us lately? Lack of principles or moral standing, hate and bigots winning elections.

A total disfunctional voting base that practices cult following, where you can say whatever you want and get away with it, no repercussions at all. 

It's becoming dangerous and divisive, there's no line drawn on how you can act and say. 

When the capacity to question and protest any policy, agenda or law from your "side" is disappearing things turn bad.

The classic conservative ideology is practically dead and replaced with a new identity who holds no morals. 

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