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Alt right terrorism(post inglês)


Alt right terrorism

Since Steve Bannon and his companions, decided to interpret the USA right wing extreme shift in ideologies, with a new name and logical thinking. 

I'm going to present you how dangerous, it is to the US population.

It started out grassroots, on the dwelling of the internet, but with Trump popularity, and fueled by some fascist election wins in Europe culminated with the POTUS, the gate got open.

The terrible death tool from the domestic terrorist attacks perpretaded by the alt right, is way more bigger compared to the "Muslim terrorists" caimpaign, the internet and even some convencional media (fox News) trys to feed.

What's really dangerous is that from what I get, the atacks are done with only one available pattern, they consider themselves, "alt right", follow the propaganda from breitbart, go to Trump rallys and so on.

It's not like a cell that can be detected and destroyed. 

The answer of pacifism approach needs to be questioned, are you allowing this kind of seriously dangerous, but treatable threat grow more?

I don't have all solutions, but start with the bottom to the top, in the aspect of media, fake news need to be addressed. 

Some of this folks are deranged and think all conspiracy theories are true, some may be sensible to different arguments, others not so much. Mental Healthcare help for people who show signs of unrequested violence with weapons, or weird anti social behavior in different environments, need to be looked at. Prevention work is possible.

Do I really have to say gun control?

The politicians and elites, who gain a lot with a divided country, need to be put in check, demand measures and that's up to the people will and protest.

Alt right terrorism is real, not a organized group entirely, but factions or personal individuals that share the same ideology of hate, fueled by fascism and dangerous rethoric. 


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