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Bullet takers (post em Inglês)


HI, a lot of hard work has been done to set the spectacle they give us of a free democracy, while (peaceful) demonstrations are in a way ideological unqualified to make any change, they still exist in modern society. 

A free speech reminder of how we are supposed to be in charge or a socio economical statement of public interest.


The government see this sample of citizens demonstrating powers scary so they do their best to minimize it. 

Envolving patronal sindicates to smooth things out, use counter protestors or fake violent actions on the news.


This all correlates with political protests, who own a even bigger tabu. 

At their peak, protests can really make some substancial "change", by demanding more. It only comes when we have no options for a democratic debate.


And with all of that along comes our "bodyguards", the outlaws who lively take an active part of the fight.

They might not be the best students at younger age(no generalization, some are genius) they live a eccentric lifestyle sometimes with a lack of financial stability , but they are there! Taking the bullets for us. What's going to appear on the news? Their faces!

Unnamed activists, who sell their body and image, to political institutions who use them and throw away later or they simply work "rogue" on their own beliefs.


This citizens are shamed by the corporate news and even by their own human counter parts. But the state fears them, so they give them labels. 

Trying hard to racionalize why they seem to not follow like sheep, and why they take such a active body and spiritual mind work on protests.


Unfortunately they have a expiring tag, either life shapes itself to give them a institucional work, bad personal choices, or an invite to a less active part in a political party, shutting them down. 

We need to cherish them, and not join the propaganda. Any kind of social demonstration deserves to be applauded, their decreasing in numbers, but a wave might come and turn us all in to the same type, no matter what we look like.

Becouse their our "bullet takers".

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