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Crying (chorar)



I've cried, like a lot! It's good for the spirit, it takes away your "Armour" and let's you more naked, than a person without clothes, it shows emotion! A feeling we all share and connect with, it's what makes us humans. 

It's beautiful to cry when it's for soul searching reasons, the last tear takes you to a state of brightness, it's like being hit by a lightning of emotional knowledge. 

It's our primal way of saying everything's is OK to mom, when we get to this world, a universal feeling we all speak. 

Love, sadness, frustration or even happiness all take a tool on people. Those feelings need to be answered with a physiological answer, so your body exposes and expels part of your broken soul. I'm not a sadistic person, I take no pleasure on watching something crash. 

But let me tell you, it's for the better! It doesnt take nothing away from you, unless you're severely unhealthy of course. 

Maybe it's a way for life to show you a new path.

Don't be ashamed, if it's a cry for help, at least you can take sociopath from the list. 

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