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Debates (post em inglês)


Apparently parliamentary and intellectual debates (on a big scale) are dead, shot with a 12 gage! Old American style. 

Looking at politcon event for example, and I will quote from the source " to banter and spar over the most topical issues in smart and entertaining ways that often poke fun at both sides of the aisle". 

Basically fast food for the brain, they have Ben Shapiro again this year, the man utilizes dishonesty, to get talking points across, it's subtle enough to create dangerous rethoric, that a lot of idiots religiously follow. It's dumb down enough to hype his core base (right wingers).

Trump brought the standard of political debate to a historical low, so it's normal that his supporters copy his behavior. 

When I hear words like "snowflake" and "triggered" in front of a big audience, during a debate point, it leaves me baffled. 

Is that how it works now? 

Atleast the convention appears to have no bias, since tyt is represented. Cenk will have his hands full with tucker. 

To end, politics can't be treated like a E! red-carpet, or a pop corn movie. 


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