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Linha esquerda

Blog mais virado para a política, tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Mas algo para lerem nos transportes públicos ou onde quiserem. Leitura sempre rápida!

Linha esquerda


Did you saw that? (post em inglês)


Did you saw that?

I was baflled, petrified
How much beauty 
My internal feelings
Mingled with that notion
I've finally seen it, what
they always saw, I felt confused
Is it real?

They were laughing! showing
entusiam for me
I realized that I had the
colors wrong, it surpassed
the putrid wall I built

It never changes, you always 
get that feel again
Weird isn't it?
The entanglement, the orgasmic
feeling between feasting
and the rules of courtesy

I can't reject it
Unbelievable, I'm actually
forever and perpetualy in love
I ask again, did you saw that?

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