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DNC fraud(post inglês)


The party of cowards

Sorry for the harsh title, I'm just trying to bring light on a important issue.
First of all I want to expose my disappointment at the US current 2 party's system, it simply doesn't give enough choices to the voting base, it's unfair and it really cripples a democratic state.

Taking that in mind, I'm going to stand by my title. The lack of effort from most of democrats in power to challenge the status quo, and their disgusting submissions to donors, in most cases lobbying for bankers and big corporations, is a source of alot frustration.

What you call "left wing" in the US is laughable for world views standards, center right suits better the DNC.
The Republicans are set with their right wing religious extremism, making some European countries in comparison, look like 1920s Russian bolcheviques.

There's a new wave of politicians that are being blocked by the DNC establishment, I'm referring to "progressives", basically socialists, that want reforms who could actually help.

Their going to gain ground, but the sooner the better, without the support of all left wing platforms, being the democratic party acceptance to change, the main goal, it won't be as fast.

If the democrats think that "business as usual," getting my money from lobbying", is going to be beneficial forever. Wait when the base starts to question and shake things up.
I just can't accept, the only opposition, stand by and watch, the terrible work, Republicans do.


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