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Blog mais virado para a política, tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Mas algo para lerem nos transportes públicos ou onde quiserem. Leitura sempre rápida!

Linha esquerda


Do you want a revolution? (post inglês)



Do you want a revolution? Starting with a non partisan leader? I can't give you that dream, but I can point out what we are lacking. Fire power! The funds to start the fight and media attention are all corporate, either you see yourself in the right side of the cause or as a simple observer.

it's inherent in our brain biology, the power of questioning and racionalizing what could be potentially wrong, and what's the "virus".
Human nature! From the ancient wars to modern society, the power we have to change cycles is very strong and archivable.

The process just became harder to develop and grow, thanks to the "wall" that is built right now. Man power is obsolete, and mass thecnology is the new king. The root of all evil, or as they call it "money" is not well distributed. Making it harder to get a non-profit cause working and demanding any kind of successfull change, also we became so self centered, that we're not able to unite resources, and work together around the issues.

Just a nosey observer.

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