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Drug Addiction (post inglês)


Very sad to watch someone fall in the trap, their lifes change our lifes change too. Only option is to fight it with all we got and get through it, thats when my hope is up. Im writing in English becouse i can tell you what kind of work my country especialize in, when it comes to drug addiction, get cannabis out of the way all the Fearmongering is simply propaganda.
But heroin, crack, methamphetamine and all the drugs with giant levels of harm and addiction have to be fought, with rehabilitation not prison.
Do you believe that a citizen in my country doesn’t go to jail for being with a dose of drug, or showing to be an addict? Studys show the sucess of this approach to, fight it with prevention and treatment. Its a positive look, and destroys for profit jails or any kind of lobby. Part of the program also aims to lower the number of HIV and other transmissible deseases, by changing needles and give information to street addicts, follow their case, with no type of agression or police involvement.
Just a quick and easy read on how to fight this terrible social issue. Decriminalize it!


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