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Feminism and consumers (post inglês)


I'm very into the fight and struggles of feminism, like any other social injustice.

To have gender equality in a efficient way, the battle needs to distribute itself to various aspects, I would like to present the argument of how consumerism, architected by the very rich corporations and powerful society think tanks is pulling away the priorities of feminism.

What would be the first thing you wish for your daughter future? A successful career in a trade, or a wealthy husband? Both? Inconsciently you expect much more for a wealthy husband, becouse money translates to protection.

In that sense you may educate and discipline a disvantage on your child. This is the premise of consumerism, you're dreaming her future priorities as one of possessions.

Your boy? a good woman? Or a wealthy one? Why not both? No! Wealth is just a plus in the case of most man, it's factual but gladly not 100%.

The fairytale they sell of men, buying the car first and take care of the expensive utility goods, where the woman spends her money on beauty goods, clothes, and when times arrive, baby and child products. It's just a way to brand different sectors of necessities, remember! All products need a buyer. It's a very large economy, and the products need to be sold at large quantities. Silently with your unconscious agreement. 

The narrative of men and woman not sharing their goals and money priorities, the same way, is so integrated in society, that blindly ruins equality.


It's Programmed in our brain that men provides for the family so that gives him the right to earn more, and fuel a different consumerism bracket, producing the wealth inequality feminism fight against. It's connected!

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