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Blog virado para filosofia, consciência política e poesia, escrevo em inglês e português. Tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Bem-vindos.

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From Portugal with love


Hello! With the growth of international viewers coming to the blog, I see it as my duty, and with the most pleasure, write some posts in English.

It's going to be a very compact opinion on the topic of the left wing position and struggles in USA society.

In uncle Sam's land the democratic party imposes himself as the "left" wing choice, but 10 years ago just the word "socialism" would be career suicide. The right wing media outlets like Fox tried to tie Obama with this word as much as they could. 

But today is a new era, extremism is being answered since Trump took office, the progressive democrats agenda, lead by Bernie Sanders is making waves, and the word "socialism" is quietly being taken into consideration, but seriously! What is wrong with Medicare for all, free college tuitions, more tax for the wealthy? It's not about "free stuff", it's policy positions that make a fair democracy. 

Bigotry looks to divide the country, and when a Klan, neo nazi rally is considered "peaceful protest", the left unfortunately doesn't have that label, with military police shutting down any kind of demonstration. The antifa movements is full of energy, but misrepresented in the media as " thugs" and criminals what they dont explain is that people are being paid to wear a black mask and cause trouble, giving of course the idea of violence and chaos, but I ask! Who killed Heather Heyer? Bad people on both sides right? ***hole! 

The scars of the cold war are still in the older people minds, well not all apparently! Russia is literally running things, the puppet in office is just there to guarantee his money and settle a personal vendetta with the democrats, specially President Obama.

Why is Muller investigation not enough to start impeachment talks? No time to be cowards or wait for the lobbyist to give instructions. 

The real American left needs to unite, you're going to get great partners here across the ocean. White, black, Latino, Indian, arab. All of you got the right to create a better life for your families. 

Vote and make change, my heart goes full of love for the real citizens. 

Obrigado, thanks for reading! 



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