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Globalization the boogeyman



Do not fear, don't fall for propaganda tying it to emigration, it's a process, part of the world evolution, source is around the 1800s when the industrial "boom" came to life. 

It took 2 world wars to cement its place on a world wide scale, I will try not to dwell on theories that men in suits own the world. 

Theoreticaly it's approaching that, as crazy as it might sound, but it's all highlighted by factors of economic and political decisions, along with legislation that allows this nefarious behavior. 

Those "men in suits" all look for quick profit. 

Is globalization good for us? Well it does have negative symptoms(and its not the immigration issue). For example, to own a profitable small business or a start up, its hard becouse of the big market corporations (thanks to lack of competition and monopoly laws) they crush  you, you can't compete most of the time, either you sell or go broke.

That's just a example (even I admit it's flawed) of how a protectionist would debate the issue. 

Every country in the world does business internationally, there's no escape, along those line comes monetary gain, and open borders. 

i won't name the hundreds of trade deals, and historical coalitions between countries, but I will add the creation of EU and NATO. 

Let's just do a exercise and not blame immigration as the "flaw" of globalization, it's part of it. 

What we should look at, is the bigger picture, the money transaction, bank profits, fiscal paradises, the monopoly of companies in goods services, like coca cola and the pharmaceutical industries that rape poor countries with worldwide restrict patented medication that should be available in rural areas. 

We need to learn and adapt. 

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