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God is the same (post inglês)


God is the same


When I say God is the same I'm talking about Christianity and islam.

the reading of the manuscript, (in this case the Quran), is being twisted by fundamentalists, it's not about the incorrect perception of the book, it's the forces who allow it to be read interpreted and teached that way. 


From the birth of civilization, Arab vs European crusaders, empires and kingdom wars. Manipulation to change powers. 

Centuries later after WW2 the state of Israel was born, planned by the allies and observed with great eyes by the US on what basically turned into a strategic power base to their interests in the area. 

(Just a quick observation on how the manipulation of Arabic states have been exercised to fit secular agendas.) 


Now I'm going to Comment on morals and I ask! Have you ever seen the carnage and body disfigurement a bomb does? Some on the military did, I have to say I've had the displeasure of watching. And it shocks me as any thing I've ever seen. Inhuman on any level, It's reality you can't have the luxury to claim your side is the right and moral one. 


With so much history behind, when all put in context, it's about how to create chaos for profit, money and resources. 

But understand this, God is exactly the same, the book and prophet speak different languages, you don't have a moral high ground on any one. Fundamentalism kills all the teachings of any religious book. 

We all brothers! Peace ✌️ 


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