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Hackery (post inglês)



I learned this political term way back in my teens, but saw it being used brilliantly in a segment of a show Jon Stewart end up destroying, YouTube "Jon Stewart on crossfire". You will see a familiar face, with a ridiculous bow tie.

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, Dana Loesch etc, what do they all have in common? they are political pundits with no spine at all.

No matter what's in front of them, spinning reality, lying and being dishonest to throw away incorrect talking points and lead the "sheep" is always more important, the sad part is that it's all about tribalism. They will never criticize "their side" as it benefits their wrong beliefs and false rethoric for the corporations they work for.

Being wrong and have the ablility to comment on various subjects, with no bias is something rare this days, it should be progressive logic, but not for hacks like these. The Partisan Hackery is astounding, they've been caught on tape lying and misleading and are not hold accountable by the people? who cares right? He or she is defending the "cause", that's a terrible thinking process. You should want the truth it doesn't matter how much it hurts your feelings or the politics views you hold.

We're in a phase where hacks control a lot of the thinking tanks around media. That's not good.

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