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Blog virado para filosofia, consciência política e poesia, escrevo em inglês e português. Tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Bem-vindos.

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Haters (post em Inglês)



Hate is a strong but misused word, it's Interesting to comment from a social standpoint. Let's look at the effect of the word, with religious morals and politics hostility aside.

On a regular day to day base when haters start to show themselves, you have to understand that person is mirroring his lack of quality in a area you excel.

And representing he's own frustrations. Haters rarely demand you to change, becouse they want to be you. It's doesn't always, require a outlook on your life to the fact that they're so obsessed and full of negativity, it just means you're doing it right!

 Never heard the phrase "haters are your fuel"?

 How are you going to have success, if there's no one in your back saying you can't? How are you going to enjoy the success, if the motivation is low, and no one is hungry to be "the guy"?

Just understand you can't please everyone. Turn all of this, in power to keep going.

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