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jamal khashoggi (post em inglês)



The murder of a prolific and famous journalist causes me distress, I was a bit hesitant to touch this subject, since I would only be able to comment verbatim, but after some reading I feel confortable to give my thoughts, I recommend the online piece "the guardian" made, it details a lot. 

First I have to say I have very large suspicions that the Saudi Arabia Kingdom planned, ordered the torture and execution of journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. 

Now i go for the obvious questions, is the UN really a respected and trustful organization? If so, how is Saudi Arabia on the human rights council?

Also now I'm calling out Trump supporters that were so happy about the "mooslim ban", do you suspect the reason why Saudi Arabia wasn't on the list? Becouse if you really hate Islamic fundamentalism reads of the Koran or terrorism sponsors I got some news for you! (sarcasm). 

Why is Trump and Saudi Arabia dealing with billions, for American made weapons that can kill hundreds thousands of people? 

Turn off fox News and search about the Yemen conflict please. 

Also president Trump seems a bit scared of mentioning sanctions, I will quote him on his first reaction to the death of Jamal Khashoggi, "Rogue killers, may have been to blame". 

Don't worry I'm aware of the latest developments, after pressure from the public he backtracked a bit and made a "tough on Saudis" statement. If Donald Trump sanctions harshly Saudi Arabia and cancels the arms deal. I will eat my words. 

I'm with more questions than answers. 

Al baqa' le Allah jamal khashoggi. 


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