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Ludacris deal


Hey readers I think brexit deal needs a new referendum. 

Theresa May deal, looks bad for UK, I'm not looking into the 585 pages, but the "divorce"fee of 42€ Billion sounds nice to EU, the money and the option of bilateral deals between countries In the EU sounds also great, Trump idiotic as he is, said it was a great deal for EU and could harm UK-US relations.


I wonder if it's bitterness over the trade of words between him and May, or he's actually making a small but calculated threat.


Either way, from what I understand, Brexit started with a immigration issue that turned Into a deep state of anti EU sentiment, tory's saw that and decided to activate article 50 looking for a way out of the EU.


May's arrogance may give UK a brief crisis. The numbers show a economic decrease in the country under the deal, from what I understand May doesn't have enough seats in the house to finish, that's why I think another referendum will be good to end this unease.


let's give you a perspective from Portugal, my concern is the immigration policy, and not having a powerful economy behind us, as we already relay more on French and German capital, the 2 main European banks.


Immigration on the other hand is a issue to both countries as we have citizens looking for work, and a lot of UK tourism that fuels our economy.


In the end its up to the people and not politicians to answer who they deal with. UK is a giant nation, and some "blocks" like Northern Ireland can start their own "Ukxit" if they see the EU as a viable economy for trade and business, beware of what you do and ask for. 

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