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Blog virado para filosofia, consciência política e poesia, escrevo em inglês e português. Tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Bem-vindos.

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Nationalism and our wrongs doing (post inglês)



Far right wing parties with racist and xenophobic rethoric, had little place in EU some years ago.

These type of politicians struggled to get single seats in the parliament.

But the "big break" came with the economic and migrants crisis, the population fear, mixed up with alot of propaganda and just like that! Right wing nationalism got a new face.

Chanceler Merkel is struggling, President Macron is being questioned, and UK may be leaving. The pillars of EU are shaking, the wars started by the US with EU and NATO colaboration, where a giant imigration collapse waiting to happen. The libyan canal was the last "defense" after betraying and murdering khadafi, the gates got open.

Disastrous crime. Children are dying in the sea, trying to escape from hunger and wars. 

 It's time to move funds, not only for the reconstruction of the countries Nato bombed but to show compassion and support by giving these brothers the chances we took from them. Right for Life! 

If the interventions don't stop, I won't have much hope for the future.


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