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Linha esquerda

Blog virado para filosofia, consciência política e poesia, escrevo em inglês e português. Tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Bem-vindos.

Linha esquerda


Not forgotten(post inglês)



They were young

With a God given innocence

Splashed the mat with

Spectacular joy and art

Like queen's may I say, 

princesses given the time


We applauded, we smiled

Yes they smiled too

But with tears inside

Not of joy, but crushing feelings

Time stood by as our girls

Kept suffering


But wait! I'm not going

To write that thing a poem

No! No! So... 

They bravely screamed from

Their lungs, enough!

Not one more!

While they tried to lie and 

Hide it


The truth came out

A real life flip happened 

The courage and energy

From the strong and powerful

Just saved sacred beings 

from falling to filth 

Thank you ladies


Now run! Jump! Amaze us

Do the impossible

Stay young and have aspirations 

Dreams, you deserved it all

Dedicated to you, yes you!

Our warriors. 

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