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Blog mais virado para a política, tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Mas algo para lerem nos transportes públicos ou onde quiserem. Leitura sempre rápida!

Linha esquerda


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I believe and trust we have the gift and ability to construct a path to happiness. Is it going to be monetary? Love? Work position maybe? 

It's up to you, hard work its not always the main ingredient as much as I would love to say it, some people are just born In the right place. But the constant "grind" and the subtle "hussle" combined together break boundaries, invisible walls that society builds. No! It's not a cake walk, shit! you might even fail in your project.

But the Beauty is that you have unlimited tries during a life time period. Yes social minorities struggle to make it. But do you want to be a pioneer? Do you want me to aim the positivity of this blog using your work as example ? Don't sell yourself short.

Don't ask for a piece, take the whole cake and then distribute it as you see fit. My struggles are being worked on, I love the bitter sweet feeling, of being the only one in the room, who doesn't have it! Check out those places, listen and learn, don't run from it! Just make sure your goal is to be above them. Look at them as competition or no less than possible partners. Use this in all aspects of your life. It's healthy guys.

Much love!

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