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Blog virado para filosofia, consciência política e poesia, escrevo em inglês e português. Tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Bem-vindos.

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Politíco (poem in English)


Talk to the public?
Yea I do that
Only when I have to
What do you think
Democracy means
Parading around?
Speak for the people?

Oh little boy
You're so wrong
It's made in the gutter
Backroom deals
Airplanes! Satellite calls!
It can make you mad
It's nasty, you won't understand


Tell me what you need!
Tell me what you want?
Equality, fulfill basic needs?
Join a charity will you
You can't put money on a box
You need to play with it

It's called progress
He, she or it that doesn't get it
Dies without knowing
what took them
I atleast, I have power my friend
Don't condemn me
Loath me, vote for me


Have fights for me!
I come once in 4 years
I think I might be christ... Now adjust my tie kid
I have a speech to make.
13/01/2019, Político

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