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Blog mais virado para a política, tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Mas algo para lerem nos transportes públicos ou onde quiserem. Leitura sempre rápida!

Linha esquerda


The art of being black


This blog piece is aimed to give tribute to the long rich history of afro- americans, a term i dont exactly agree with, given that, citizens are born in America and it only perpetuates the division of races.
I was very young when first confronted with racism, it took me a while to intellectually understand it’s concept, i thought it was pure hatred, but one day i saw very quickly on Tv the famous Dr.Martin luther King Jr speech. My curiosity got the best of me, and i started my research, got into James Baldwin and Malcom X. This was not so long ago, im not that old! but it made me understand the struggles my people went through so i could have access to education, health and all the universal rights. Im not only talking the american people fight, but my ancestors, my older family members. Unfortunately a good amount of afro-americans dont know their DNA background, it was stripped from them, and i understand the ones who dont want to claim it, becouse after all they’re Americans.
Im not going to dwell in the dark days anymore, but i will firmly point out how much the civil rights movements helped africans all over the world, Mohammed Ali charisma, Miles davis virtuosismo and the feet of James Brown. This and much more had a giant international impact for generations. And people like President Obama keep the torch lit.
Emancipation! So many people to thank, im going to end my text with a couple of recognizable names.
Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Harvey Milk, Lena Horne, Ida B. Wells.

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