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The current situation



Hello readers, today I'm going to try and racionalize some of the issues I've been listening about the current economic system.

We are in a situation where bankers and CEOs, are literally more important and influential than most political entities in the 1st world. We don't work with them, they give the orders. So the figure of a political leader is in most part not of a decision maker, but a symbolic flag for democracy, they still own power, but always have someone to answer to. 

The ethical prerogative of a politician is there still, in some issues, there's hope. 

But look at the administration's full of bankers, and the ultra powerful lobbying groups that buy politicians for gigantic tax cuts and less market legislation. 

Apparently no lessons were learned, same mistakes are being made. Banks already started to lend huge amounts of money to people that can't pay back, same old cycle. 

In history all great Empires have fallen, technology as scary it may sound, is just not alerting the common worker, if machines replace the work force, how are we going to pay for products that corporations produce, it's a double edge sword.

From one side it can maximize production efficiency, in the other we lose jobs along with economical power and capital to adquire products. 

All those issues aside, we need people with knowledge and principles to fight this battle, the destruction of state capitalism is in our hands, or we're heading to a very dangerous path. Can we handle another market crash? 



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