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The good the bad and the ugly(post inglês)



Let me explain, the good first! You made a bold decision by voting for Trump, let's forget about the popular vote and Russia involvement, but like in 2008 some of you voted in the spirit of change a guy with no political career, that promised to "drain the swamp", and make MAGA! You swarmed the voting booth and made a statement against the establishment. 

Now the bad part is! That it was a terrible choice, you fell for populist rethoric, gave bigots a giant plataform, race relations are terrible and you also jeopardized the Environment for generations to come. 

Let's face it, single payer is coming, wages are going up, inequality is going to be discussed, all with your tax paying dollars. 

Republicans will pass it as "needed reforms" when in reality, "socialist policies" would be the correct term.

The progressive wave swarming the democrats, is very important and we have to thank Trump for this shift on the left their answering extremism by giving a voice to the 90%. 

The Republicans are the ugly! Becouse they don't care how much the country suffers, continue to block bills, while giving gigantic tax cuts to corporations. And Trump is actually good for business, he's the figure taking the "bullets" for their own mistakes, Republicans think they got him contained. Very dangerous! 

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