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The inefficiency of UN



Hello readers. 

Let's be honest about a couple of things, I truly respect UN efforts in 3rd world countries, and as a human being i try to follow the ideological United Nations letter. It's a well written modern manuscript for humanity. 

What I can't deny is that it's power is very suppressed and even disrespected by most of the word powerful nations. 

I'm not valuing UN as worthless, it would take a lot of naivety of my part, but in this world to have power and control you need alot of acummulated capital and a strong military complex industry, like one of the most powerful nation we ever witnessed, USA. 

No its not a compliment, just a sad observation of facts. 

Since the creation of UN, the USA is constantly bullying and confronting its porpuse, engaging on numerous wars, defy human rights watch reports and utilize its veto power for any resolution that doesn't fit its imperialist agenda. Now, their not alone, I can mention Saudi Arabia or Israel as important lobbying groups within the organization.

I like to look at notions from different perspectives, seems to me that moral grounds only fits the powerfull, and we're looking at the new world order (no Alex Jones pun), the events from the end of WWII to 2018 lead to this sphere of highly concentrated power on very few nations, that dare to diminish the effort their fathers tried to prevent blood, wars and persecutions. 

You want to know a example of a organization that actually dictates? NATO.

More will be born, with the movements from China in asia, and the recent wake of Russia Putin's Russia. 

All of that exercises undermines UN's work. I'm I a liar for using its name as a respected organization, And not just a puppet? 

Hope not. 

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