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The left challenges in Europe


Olá, Holla, hello! I'm writing this time in English to cater and be able to connect with other European citizens. Just as a side note I want to thank all the peruanos who read this blog I really appreciate it. Gracias Hermanos e hermanas! 

With all that aside let's dig in on the topics at hand, the EU economic inequality, immigration, the rise of fascism ideology in some European countries, brexit and the 2019 EU parliament elections.
I have to apologize at first if during this opinion piece I write something simply wrong about certain details or scenarios.
So economy wise the ghost of recession and austerity is disappearing in most nations, but the politics in hand and looking at some nations like mine (Portugal), is unfortunately very broad, we have a much more lower minimum wage comparing to countries like France or Germany, even Greece who's on its 3rd bailout practices a better living wage. This unfortunately happens in more EU countries and shows how much crony capitalism is destroying our livelihood, governments have to understand that big market regulations are needed, we just can't let this companies and individual's capitalize on a broken system, I'm not anti wealth gain, but when it's so disproportionate and secured by sell out politicians it becomes impossible to be fair and it comes straight out of our pockets. Sums in part with no detail or even a clear answer what I would want in the future, and I believe it would be good to give a chance to a more left leaning approach to work on measures for this very important issue of economic inequality.
Immigration: The Americans creation of the "Arab Spring" the constant disruption and wars in the Middle East is making desperate family cross the continent looking for a better and safer life. As United nations members and human beings, we have to stand and fight for this people's right. With Trump emigration policies and the idiotic Muslim travel ban, taking on count the long distance between this countries and the US, we are the only safe bridge able to take them in. It's not a war we started or profit from (in first hand), but with the correct assessment and funds we can take this refugees in, give them a possibility to be members of the community, respect our tradition and laws, this comes as prologue to the next topic. The growing in popularity of extreme right wing propaganda and politicians, especially in the Balkans. Who refuses to help with emigration issues, we are dealing with a lot of misinformed people, it's dangerous how this so called "nationalists" who proudly wear swastikas inside their suits are becoming popular due to financial instability and the fear of Muslims. If some of this countries want to participate in the future of the EU they need to change a lot of views, and have a more progressive agenda, moving away from dangerous extremism. Quick view on brexit, if it's what the UK wants to, and believe their better moving forward. Not to sound cruel to the people who voted stay, we need to understand the decision, make the arrangements to pay the hefty fine and think about other protocols and options with countries who want to be part of the EU, I still hope a second poll is made.
I think I got part of my views across, I'm just going to end with a plead to everyone, vote left in the next EU elections. It's the best agenda to pressure and give power to very intelligent minds, who can help our nations development of fair leaders,major policies, better economic system, and share this top 1% next to 99% wealth gap to everyone no matter color, gender, religion or age. Opportunities for everyone!
Thank you for reading.


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