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The rush(post inglês)


Have you ever touched a stranger hand and saw through his soul? Weird feeling right? Well, let me tell you, we all do! From bankers to businessman, we all experience that gut twisting feeling everytime we make a important deal. Most of the times it's the rush we feel, it's so organic. 

Not asking you to be naive during any negotiation in your life, but always be positive in those important moments. For me my most vivid experience was during my first job application process, I got admitted and since then I'm searching for this positive "high" anytime I can.  

The constant search for this kind of feeling is what keeps you going. New contract, new house maybe new car. 

Embrace it, the adrenaline is worth all the work. 

Don't want to use the "F" word. But if you fail, look back at what you did, and question both sides of the coin. Don't punish yourself.

Keep shaking hands and chasing moments like these. 

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