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The side of guilt (post inglês)


The side of guilt 


Let's just start by saying, that anti-semitism is wrong, the xenophobic rethoric that "jews run the world", is disgusting and wrong to say the least. It's more complex than that. Do I agree with Israel actions? Absolutely not, but to put it in context we need to search for the history. 


Now what we need to realize is that the western forces are guilty of what the Jewish population has been through, England for example during Hitler rise and antisemitic rethoric, Dindt allow most of the Jewish population to migrate on their land, and made it very difficult to travel to the Middle East where they could escape from the horror of camps. 


There's blood on everybody hand's and I could name a lot of terrible crimes from major nations. History is already written, so let me comment the present.


Israel has become a powerful nation, the USA direct hand and powefull lobbys, gave this people the chance to create the land "God gave them".


Unfortunately, the Palestine who are majorly Arabic, are now under a table switch, being the descriminated people, having land ceased and victims of war horrors. 


Before you evaluate my comments I recommend you to read and research information on the secular history between Judaism and Islam. 


They are brothers, that are in a very difficult situation, Israel has a nuclear target on the land, the vision that, the UN built the state is partly wrong, they only made it official, there's always been jews and Arabs in that area with rich traditions. Actually historically, anti-semitism got nurturing by western forces. 


The reality is that trauma surrounds Israel and Jewish population, what I can't admit is the current crimes being practiced.

A 2 state solution has been declined by a country that benefits from having a important position on the area, and the scare of a major conflict makes them salivate. (guess who). 


This is a simplistic post, I dont take sides on issues I'm not that informed, peace for everybody is my goal. 


So I can hope. 


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