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Venezuela and USA (post inglês)


Yet again look who's eyeing a rich in fossel fuel resources nation. This is simply an act of subjugating Central America countries to become US puppets. 

This time leaves to no imagination why Trump is doing this, when South Americans leaders a year ago were faced with the question of support for a military intervention by the USA in Venezuela, they gave him a baffled and clear "no" .

The history between central America and Imperialism fight, counts large decades, since the Europeans were gone from the area. 

The genocide of populations by dictators, had help of US authorities with weapons and financing in order to subject the people to terror and take control of oil infrastructures. 

Take Brazil and Colombia for example, in the beginning of the last century , once vivid nations, full of natural resources and a strong economy, got their limbs cut by US backed dictatorships and poverty levels, raised compared to the newly formed, post colonialism Africans nations. 

The acts of sanctions, promotes heavy attacks on democratic leaders its the best way to create a crisis where hundred thousands of people die of hunger and war conflict. 

It's been done before with, Kennedy, Nixon and heavily escalated by Reagan and bush Sr. 

Trump has access to files, and can use common sense on how the US operates in Latin America. He's aiming for Venezuela now, under the pretext of "freeing" the people? Change that word with the phrase "large quantities of oil reserves" they clearly want to monopolize.

This is a embargo disguised, its a direct attack on the population, that demands public outrage.

The position on Maduro its up to the people not Trump. 

America do Sul unida! 


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