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Blog virado para filosofia, consciência política e poesia, escrevo em inglês e português. Tudo feito pelo telemóvel, perdão pelas gaffes. Bem-vindos.

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Wealth (post em inglês)


Wealth is not the ultimate source to happiness, it helps a lot but it's visible, you can touch, destroy or lose it in a bad decision.

it's not something you can take with you on your final departure from earth, like principles or morality for example. 

i also think we have the ability to guide ourselves on a path of positivity without crushing financial goals.

The feeling someone gets from archiving great wealth, is similar to a free spirited person outlook on finances. It's connected, same happiness, different life goals. But always same state of mind. 

Those states brings: satisfaction, control and comfort on life.

Take care of yourself, find your strong points, and then go on your journey. 

It can get you to different destinations, don't get discouraged by roadblocks, just make sure the path is clear and positive. 

Dont fall for the sin of letting money rule your life. Keep it balanced.

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